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We cannot plan for our loved ones to go missing but we can prepare


The Project Lifesaver Program

Project Lifesaver is a proven and trusted program designed for individuals with Autism, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Down syndrome, or other cognitive conditions that may cause a propensity to wander or bolt.

Project Lifesaver International is in a constant state of research and development to ensure that the latest and most effective technology is being utilized. Project Lifesaver is termed the "Gold Standard in Excellence" throughout the special needs SAR community and was the first organization to address the elopement issue among at risk individuals. As a non-profit organization, Project Lifesaver International does not view wandering protection and prevention as a "market". Started in 1999, the Project Lifesaver Program has a clear and singular focus on providing these most vulnerable groups and their caregivers with the support and protection they need.

Clients enrolled in the Project Lifesaver Program wear, on the ankle or the wrist, a one-ounce battery operated radio transmitter that emits a unique frequency every second, 24 hours a day. When a client is reported missing by their caregiver, certified Project Lifesaver electronic search specialists are able to determine the location of the client by utilizing specialized search and rescue techniques and radio frequency locating equipment.

It is the opinion of Project Lifesaver International that radio frequency locating equipment represents, in the hands of trained public safety personnel, the most reliable and effective technology available to locate wandering loved ones. Unlike GPS technology, radio frequency can be utilized and remain effective under any circumstances, and most importantly, Project Lifesaver is more than a locating product, but rather a program headed by trained and certified professionals dedicated to protecting the special needs individuals in their community.

Project Lifesaver increases the chances of locating missing subjects enrolled in the program before they fall victim to the elements, accidents or predators. With a 100% success rate, Project Lifesaver recovery times average 30 minutes, thereby significantly reducing the need for extensive search and rescue operations that are often extremely costly in human and financial terms.

  • Mission - The primary mission of Project Lifesaver is to provide timely response to save lives and reduce potential injury for adults and children who wander due to Alzheimer's, Autism and other related conditions or disorders.

Options available for Caregivers

There are many options available to Caregivers to protect their loved ones.

Enroll in Project Lifesaver

If your loved one has 24 hours supervision and the Program is available in your area then this is the option for you.

Although we are working hard to make this lifesaving program available provincie-wide, Project Lifesaver is currently available only in select areas of British Columbia

Please contact us to determine if Project Lifesaver is available near you.


Home Safety System

The complete system. The PLI-PR1 Permieter is an alarm receiver that works in conjuntion with Project Lifesaver transmitters. If your loved one moves outside the designated safety zone and alarm will sound, alerting the caregiver to possible wandering activity. The system also includes a PLI1000 Receiver that allows Caregivers to start searching for their loved ones while waiting for First Responders to arrive. Also a great system for those travelling with their loved ones.


Program Not Available in Your Area

PLI-1000 Personal Receiver. Your loved one wears a transmitter, the same as the one when they are enrolled with a Member Agency offering the Program, that emits a unique radio frequency. The Caregiver is provided with a PLI-1000 Receiver that allows them to start searching for their loved one while waiting for First Responders to arrive.


Supplier Comparisons

NEW!! - Comparison with Other Systems

For more information about enrollment opportunities please contact us for more information.

FIRST RESPONDERS: To bring the Project Lifesaver Program to your area please contact us for more information.

Incident Mitigation Kits

Introduced in 2017.

Incident Mitigation Kit #1 - Existing Project Lifesaver Clients

PLI-PR1 Perimeter Unit and PLI 1000. This is the complete kit that provides the transmitter, the Perimeter Unit and the PLI 1000. The Perimeter unit can be set to alert if your loved one breaches the perimeter and the PLI 1000 allows you to start searching, should a wandering event occur, while waiting for First Reponders to arrive. This system is great for those travelling with their loved to areas where the Project Lifesaver Program is not available.

Incident Mitigation Kit #2 - Not currently enrolled in Project Lifesaver

Temporary enrollment of your loved one in the Project Lifesaver Program when they travel to an area where the Project Lifesaver Program is available or when they are relocated to a Project Lifesaver area due to a natural disaster. Transmitters, batteries and bands are provided to maintain the transmitter throughout the duration of its use.

There is no cost to borrow a kit, however, shipping charges may apply. Please note that a credit card must be given, if your request is approved, in the event that the equipment borrowed becomes damaged or lost while in your possession. Due to inventory limitations the kits will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Please Contact us for more information.

Get Involved

How you can help

There are many ways you can help with this lifesaving Program.

  • Volunteer - Learn to be an Electronic Search Specialists by joining one of the teams that offers the Project Lifesaver Program.
  • Donate - Donate to help us expand the Program to the areas where it is not currently available or to provide this lifesaving Program to those at risk individuals that cannot afford it.
  • Sponsor - Become a sponsor for someone in need of the Program or sponsor an area to have the Program established.

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